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St. Katherine's YAL Sandwich Making for the Homeless
(Special Holy Monday Start Time)

When: Monday April 22, 2019
8:15 PM
Where: Meletis-Charuhas Center at St. Katherine's
3145 Glen Carlyn Road
Falls Church, VA  22041 
Minimum Age: 18

Please join us Monday, April 22, 2019, for our monthly sandwich-making for the homeless event at 8:15 PM in the kitchen of the Meletis-Charuhas Center.  We encourage everyone to attend the Holy Monday Bridegroom Service that begins that night at 7:00 PM, and then sandwich-making will begin immediately following the service.  Upon the completion of the service, we will meet in the kitchen as usual.
The sandwiches that we make will be delivered to the Bailey's Crossroads Shelter in Falls Church that same evening.  The shelter is thankful to receive our help each month, as they serve many local men and women in need of our contributions. 
Please bring loaves of sandwich bread and packages of deli meats and cheeses in the right amounts to ensure that we do not have any leftovers of bread and meat. The ratio is 2 slices of meat per sandwich, or one slice of meat and one slice of cheese per sandwich. If you don't have time to go to the grocery store beforehand, or cannot attend this event but would like to make a cash contribution to this worthy cause, please email Themistocles@DCGreeks.com by 3:00pm that Monday, and we will purchase the meat and bread on your behalf.
After sandwich-making, we will go to a local Lenten-friendly restaurant for dinner.
We look forward to seeing you on Monday night! 

May God bless you with His love and forever keep you in His grace.
The Young Adult League
St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church
Falls Church, Virginia

Event Contact: St. Katherine's YAL