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Member ID:   dnonas

Hi, my name is dnonas and I'm a 46 year-old male from New York, NY.
I am 5' 7". I have brown hair and I have hazel eyes. I would consider my body type to be curvy.
I don't smoke and I drink in social settings.
I am a Greek Orthodox Christian. I sometimes attend church.

I have a Bachelor's Degree.

Personal Statement:

I am a 28 year old 1 1/2 generation Greek male with A+ blood type. I moved back up to the area in the fall of 2000 after going backpacking for 7 months. I am a cross between a yuppie and hippie depending on the environment I am in. I used to drink more regularly but unfortunately I am now an occasional drinker. Just kidding about the curvy body. I would say that I am fit. I believe in working and playing hard and I tend to burn the candle at both ends. I think it is important to have dreams and to follow them. I am an optimist, love a good laugh and believe that Life is good. In the past I've enjoyed backpacking, traveling, scuba diving, etc., but now my adventures are more local. No, I am not that pasty white and yes, my shirt has spots on it.

The kind of person I'm looking for on DCGreeks.com:

Someone who's not afraid to take a poop in the woods or at least try to once. :) Besides that a positive attitude and an energy-giver personality is a must. "In the great human comedy of life, we are many times observers ... and sometimes participants." : -Garrison Keillor - always be willing to laugh at yourself.

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